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Siberian Husky by Sierras Hope SiberiansSierra's Hope Kennel is an active Siberian Husky Breeder in Canada. With us it is not about quantity instead, we tend to focus on quality. All of our Husky puppies will leave our home in London, Ontario having been de wormed, microchipped, vet checked and have had their first shots. Further to this, deworming by itself does not satisfy our Moral obligations to you the prospective consumer, so to take a pro-active approach to this our puppies will have a stool sample analyzed prior to your picking the puppy up to ensure a healthy pup.

To truly understand what guide's us as Siberian Husky breeder's we recommend that you go to our General Information section and read Sierra's story. Our goal as breeders are many, none of which is profit. Our primary objective as husky breeders is to raise healthy well mannered dogs that are clear in the head and have a temperament that would make any person adore the dog. Tied with our primary goal is our desire to see our puppies lead active lives regardless of where they go.

As enthusiasts of the sport of dog sledding we also enjoy days spent with our girls in local soccer fields teaching them to pull as seen above. The Huskies we breed and sell are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and we adhere to their rules and regulations as they relate to breeding and registering our animals.

Dog SleddingWhen purchasing your Siberian Husky puppies from Sierra's Hope you will need to place a deposit on your desired puppy. To find out what we consider when selecting our prospective owners please click the yellow text. Once successful you will be NOTIFIED that the puppy you picked is yours.

When purchasing your husky puppy from us you will providedwith copies of both the Dam and Sires Hip Certification from either the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or the Ontario Veterinary College. Eye certifications from a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist will also be provided for both the Sire and Dam. To ensure your satisfaction and your puppies health, we also have a 2 year written guarantee against genetic defects and hip dysplasia.